need help with foundation shrub layout

kparenteauJuly 20, 2011


I have a clean slate front foundation area. I have bought some shrubs, but want to see if this is the best way to go. I want the foundation to be evergreens to hide the foundation.

I have a dwarf Alberta spruce and a sad Roseum Elegans Rhodie that has spent 3 years in the back yard shade hiding already planted. Hoping to rehab it, but if its to sad, then Ill yank and replace with something. I'm at my wits end as I just want this done, but nicely... Here is what I have so far.

Front of house faces East. Gets summer sun from 7am to 1-2pm.

In the below photo I have the following. Starting from back left to right..

(b)dwarf Alberta spruce (planted)

(b)Sad Rhodie (planted)

(b)Mountain fire Andromeda

(m)Golden Eponymous

(m)bowling ball arborvitae

(m)Golden Eponymous

(f) 3 blue star juniper

(f)"beehive" holly

I still have the receipts to the items not planted. So hoping to hear from all you fine folks soon b4 the wife has me plant what I have....

I'm not picky but need answers fast.

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added pics test to subject

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Can you give us the measurements? (of the area, not the plants). It looks a bit crowded to me, which means that it would be even more crowded in a couple of years when the shrubs are growing. However, it's kind of hard to tell from a picture how much room you've actually got there.
Is your house/foundation new? If it's still leaching lime from the foundation, your rhododendron isn't going to do too well.

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Facing the house from the street, left edge of house to the stairs is 18'
From the right stairs to the right edge of the main house is 11'
Foundation is just freshly stained, so it looks new.
If it looks crowded what should be removed to make it look good. I'm not picky at all and if anyone has suggestions of additions of shrubs or removals, let me know. I'm up for anything. I have no preferences.

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Are there any shrubs I should eliminate and or substitute? 1 in 5 houses in my neighborhood have the common 1965 Yews

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