pineapple guava in NJ?

kawaiineko_gardener(5a)April 27, 2013

It would be grown in the southern most part of the state, zone 7b; zone 7b for NJ is also in a coastal area (at least where I'd be thinking about growing it)

I'd like to be able to grow it in the ground, in a warm area; would it need protection of any kind? I've looked at the climate of southern NJ and it's considerably less harsh and the temps are lower (BY COMPARISON) to where I live now.

Would I be able to get fruit from it?

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I've tried it outdoors a number of times. It's hardy to the low to mid teens, below which it defoliates and dies back. Resprouts though.Definitely more tender than Laurus nobilis and Trachycarpus. Mine is in the open. If planted on the South side of a building and protected on the coldest nights, it should do reasonably well. Probably better suited to a tub which can be moved to a cold, but above freezing garage for winter.

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