Help identifying an entire garden? (Round 3)

vpost02176(z6 MA)July 10, 2005


A few years ago, I purchased a home formerly owned by an enthusiastic gardener who planted many beautiful perennials. Unfortunately, the home then was bought by a family who didn't put nearly as much time and effort maintaining the garden. When I purchased the home from them, the beds were completely overgrown and weedy. I am fairly new to perennial gardening and would like to try to figure out what I have, figure out what are weeds and what aren't, and start bringing back the garden to something close to its former glory.

I posted to this group a couple times, and got a tremendous response, so I thought I'd try a third round with plants that have since come into bloom. This round is pretty skimpy...turns out my garden is in sore need of color come late June/early July. Any suggestions on favorites for blooms this time of year?

Anyway, the new round of pictures are posted at:

Generally, I've tried to take one picture of the plant and its surroundings so that you can see its growing habit, as well as close-ups of flowers and leaves. (Sorry for some of the blurry photos this round.) I've also labeled plants that I know the names of...generally, I only know common names, but if you can provide more specific names, I'd appreciate the additional information.

Thanks in advance, and many thanks to everyone who's helped me out in the past two rounds!

Here is a link that might be useful: Mystery plants round 3

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

1-3 Dunno - Maybe an oak seedling?
4- A Phlox paniculata?
5-9 Achillea - Yarrow - very invasive
10-11 You're right - a daylily - dunno the variety
12-14 Could be Achillea ptarmica 'The Pearl' or 'Angel's Breath'

Not very helpful, huh? :p

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

1 is an oak seedling....producing new growth for some reason.'re right a weed!
3 and 4 are achillea.....a rather tame variety....likely "summer pastels" certainly not invasive at least for me. lily....too close to the ditch lily....fulva, for me.
6 not baby's breath and not achlilea "the Pearl"....don't know what it is....looks a bit like a weed to me.
Linda C

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The weblink tells me the page isn't available. Are you happy with your IDs or do you still want help?

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Photo#7,8,9 are Yarrow(Achillea).Photos 10 & 11 are the common wild dayliliy you see along roadsides,we call them ditch lilies.

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vpost02176(z6 MA)

Thanks for the input. I've summarily dispatched the oak seedling and also updated the captions under the pictures. I uploaded a few more pictures of plants that have started to bloom a little more, and also uploaded some clearer pictures of 06 (the maybe Achillea Ptarmica?) for better ID. New pictures begin here:

Pitimpinai - thanks much, and actually very helpful. As for the Phlox paniculata(?), I suspect Lindac is right and that it's a weed, but I'll leave it for now and see if it does anything interesting. I do have some Phlox nearby, so perhaps it's a volunteer?

NHBabs - I'm not sure what's going on with the weblink. I gave it a shot, and it worked OK for me...could you give it another try?

Lindac, Janice C - Thanks for the confirm on the Achillea. I'll do a little more research on these. As for the ditch lily, are they typically harmful or invasive, or are they called ditch lilies just because they're common? As long as they won't hurt anything, I'll probably keep them since my garden is in need of mid-summer color. Thoughts?

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

Yes, Achillea ptarmica 'Angel's Breath'. I have a group exactly like that. In fact, I thought you might have taken the photos of my garden without my knowledge. :-D

Don't have the Hydrangeas.
The last ones are definitely Echinecea purpurea.

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vpost02176(z6 MA)

Great! Thanks for the confirms on the Angel's Breath and the Echinacea.

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I have"ditch lilies"in my garden.I don't care if they are common I love their bright orange color.

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vpost02176(z6 MA)

Sounds great. I guess I'll hang onto my ditch lilies...I'm glad to have anything that I can't easily kill.

In my walk through the garden today, I noticed a couple of new plants which, given their size, I should have noticed before. I've posted a few new pictures at

Any additional help on these would be appreciated!

Thanks again.

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

Dunno the first one.

The second one is a Campanula. Could be a Campanula carpatica 'White Clip'. My 'Blue Clip' faces upward just like that.

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

The first one is poke berry.....kill it now!! if you wait until the weekend it will be 10 feet tall!....I know! I have been gone for nearly 3 weeks....pulled a giant tonight!
Linda C

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vstech(z7 Charlotte)

the two "fleshy" plants near the bottom of the list are the poke, they do indeed get VERY tall. they have massive roots. pulling them up is only going to work immedeatly after a heavy rain. they have some uses, but mostly are considered a weed. the trunks are hollow, and when dried out they areVERY woody. and the berries are poison. My kids Love to play lumberjack, as they cut down very easily.

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It looks like you have pretty good IDs on everything except the hydrangea. Why don't you try posting that on the hydrangea forum since those experts will be able to ID which specific variety. It's a H. macrophylla ( or maybe H. serrata, though those are less common as they are newer to commerce in this country) of some kind. Yours is a mophead variety. (There are also a group called lacecaps with the larger flowers only around the edge and smaller flowers that look more like just buds in the center or each cluster.) I can't ID what kind since we're too cold up here to grow any kind of macrophylla except Penny Mac and Endless Summer.

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