How to trim NW native berries to be tall

mooserider(8)July 30, 2012

Hi all, I'd like some advice on trimming up NW native berries to be really tall. I would like to trim them such that they provide some shade for other understory plants, like ferns and false lily of the valley. Plus, I just love plants that are trimmed up high like small trees.

The types of plants I'm talking about: salmonberry, thimbleberry, elderberry, huckleberry, serviceberry...

Is it as simple as cutting out the lower branches?

Thanks for any advice.. I'm a newbie to the garden scene.

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

Serviceberry is very prunable to a tree shape. Standard pruning techniques.

You can't trim the either of Rubus you listed like trees. They just don't work that way.

Elderberry only grow so high. Pruning may make more growth, but not height. But I've never heard of anyone pruning an elderberry. They never need it.

I'm not familiar with huckleberries, but they are in the blueberry clan so I would expect them to behave similarly. Blueberries only grow so tall - in fact, some can be quite short. I would expect the only pruning that is done on blueberries is for rejuvenation or to encourage fruiting rather than trying to create a tree shape or height.


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