Fernleaf Buckthorn

muddauber(6a)July 12, 2006

Yesterday I made a trip to the nursery, and ended up buying a plant not on my "hitlist". When I got home I did more research on the plant, Fernleaf Buckthorn (Rhamnus frangula 'Asplenifolia'). I'm confused as to whether or not this plant is invasive. While this particular variety isn't on the invasive list I've read that the seeds, when carried afar by birds, revert back to the "common buckthorn" which is on the list. Does anyone have knowledge about this plant? It is still in the pot and I won't plant it until I find out.

I've been lurking and love this message board, just haven't posted yet. Thanks in advance!


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ahughes798(z5 IL)

I wouldn't plant it just to be on the safe side. Every instinct in my body is saying NO. Take it back and get a cut-leaf sumac. Much better fall colour.

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ahughes798(z5 IL)

I typed in "fernleaf buckthorn invasive" into google...and here is what I found, or at least one site. It is showing up beyond where it was planted,which can mean that it's invasive:


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Thanks for the replies. Yes, I am going to return the plant. Originally I wanted a Serviceberry tree, but even though I know better the nursery personal convinced me that the tree would get too big for my space. Does this happen to anyone else??? Heck, they would have lined me up with a dozen giant green arborvitae instead of the winterberry I went for. Don't know why I second guess myself like that, I do spend alot of time researching the plants I want for the yard, makes the joy last longer. I will stick to my guns next time, although I have to say I'm surprised that a nursery would offer an invasive plant like the buckthorn.

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ahughes798(z5 IL)

I'm not surprised they would offer an invasive at all. They probably don't pay any attention to that stuff!

I can walk into many nurseries near me and buy tons of stuff that invasive, if I desired to do so. Narrow-leaf cattail, burning bush, siberian elms, miscanthus grasses, etc.

And they won't pay attention until the plant is white-listed(which I think means make the plant illegal to buy, sell or trade), and even then they might not care.

Purple Loosestrife is illegal to buy, sell or trade here in Illinois, but you wouldn't believe how many nurseries still sell it.

Try not to second guess yourself on your well researched landscaping choices! Don't let nursery staff try to convince you different than what you know...the customer is always right, after all ;-) April

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I have 5 of these shrub like plants flanking my garden walk absolutely love them, but need to replace one, however can not find a nursery that sells them. does anyone know of nursery that will ship?

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