just a test with Flickr

almosthookedJuly 25, 2014

I am just seeing if I kind of know how to download more then one picture


By George , I think I may have it! Thanks Myrle!!!

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Beautiful garden and stone work!

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sandyslopes z5 n. UT

I'm glad that worked so you can post multiple pics now. You're garden is soooo pretty!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

does this mean you are done holding out on us.. lol ...

i like what i see so far ...


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Way to go Faye. I tried to help her with her new Flicker account yesterday afternoon. I can't say I was much help because we couldn't seem to get large enough pictures to show up. We also couldn't get the icon that lets you copy the HMTL. I never did figure out why it looked so different from my account. She did it herself and now maybe she can explain it to me.

You are all in for a treat if she can post multiple pictures. Her garden is wonderful.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Keep Testing, Faye! I wanna see MORE!


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Your gardens are beautiful, could sit in there for hours unless you have a lot of mozzies.

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luckyladyslipper(MA 5b-6a)

Your garden is indeed beautiful! What is the wonderful blue flower? I think I'm completely unfamiliar with it and now want it badly!

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I think the blue flowers are called Campanula but might be wrong. I got a couple clumps from McTavish and they multiply like crazy. I will ask her . If the clump gets too big I just weed them out. Some were hiding some of the hosta . When they quit blooming I trim them back( right now in our location)

Thanks for the lovely comments , I and still uploading some on Flickr but seems to take some time unless I go to their old uploader so I don't know why this is happening but that is working for me so far. I will get some newer pictures when the sun is not shining so brightly. Now to learn how to comment between each picture but thinking I may get the idea now. So far this Flickr is a free site but Myrle has one that has many added features so maybe will venture to spent the $25 when I learn

As far as mosquito, hardly any at my place but I think they all hang out at Myrle's garden, she has forest and still waters lying around

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Faye, I'm using Flickr Uploadr version 3.2.1 which is from Yahoo/Flickr itself. It is available from Flickr site. On my phone which is Android, I get an app from Google Play, forget exactly what it is now. While there are several that let you look at pictures, not that many will let you upload directly to Flickr.

Make sure you put in the TAGS you want to retrieve the hosta pictures. Either the name of the plant itself or the name of the garden bed you wish to view. I find that is required once you get as many pictures on Flickr as I have now.

So glad you have photos online at a sharing site. I will be a fan of yours--just gimme a minute to go there. You are doing fantastic. Learning curve is not steep.

Oh my, I am seeing baby cardinals out my study window. So sweet. So hungry.

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Faye, I discovered what your problem with SIZE of photo on Flickr is all about.

When you click the arrow to SHARE, there is a space/line above the HTML code itself. It is where you specify the SIZE OF THE PHOTO you want to share. I change it to one of the last two, either LARGE or the one that is 800 x 600 or 600 x 800. You can also do the thumbnail size which is the smallest. Don't know the advantage of one over the other.

But I just uploaded a photo and had to reset the photo size because it defaulted to the thumbnail. maddening when that happens. :)

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oops! Not sure why but I seem to maybe have not got how to do this tonight . Will try again . Managed to add pictures to flicr but now to get them out of there to hosta forum hummmm???

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hostacats(zone 3b)

Almost hooked those blue bell flowers are campanula. I have some here at home and at the cottage. For some reason I want to call them Bells from Hell, but I know that's something else entirely.


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