question re: watermelons...

krystine(5AOntario)July 28, 2005

I'm growing both sugarbabies and large watermelons in my sfg and have quite a few little melons growing on each vine.

Am I supposed to only have a few watermelons per vine? Should I be pinching some off? (I always feel bad when I do that!)

Thanks in advance for your replies...

Kristine (my first garden ever!)

Here is a link that might be useful: Kristine's Garden Blog

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username_5(banned for no reason)

It is up to you. If the fruits are growing to their full size then you can stick with what you have, otherwise remove some.

Many folks remove all but 2 mellons from the vines. I was told (by a gardening catalog) that sugar babies normally only set 2 (or so) fruits. LOL. Wonder where they go that idea from as that wasn't my experience with them and doesn't appear to be yours either..

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Thank you for replying... maybe I'll remove some melons from one or two vines to see if they grow bigger.

Thanks :)

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Hi All,

I am a novice at gardening, this is my first year and I am truly loving the outcome. I have tomatoes and cucumbers and wanted to try watermelon. I got the seeds from a mail order company a few days ago that are suppose to send when it is right for planting. Is it to late to sart them? They are sugarbaby watermelons

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Too late for watermelon this year. I would save the seed for next year; they should be fine.

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