I.D. creeping fern like ???

scwolves(z5 OH)July 10, 2005

I've posted a picture of a plant that's becoming rather instrusive and overbearing. I want to call it a weed just because of it's ability to thrive and crawl. I have no idea what it is though? Do you?

It's in the GARDEN 2005 album in the photo area below. The picture is titled "WHAT IS THIS". It has tiny white flowers (that look similar to queen ann's lace)and is fern like. It is thriving in a very dry area with partial sun.




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Judy_B_ON(Ontario 5B)

Yarrow, a weed or a garden perennial, depending upon how you feel about it.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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linda_schreiber(z5/6 MI)

This looks to be native yarrow, Achillea millefolium. Do some searching for info on this plant by species name. It can be a really nice thing to have or a big weedy problem, depending on your style of garden, where it is in relation to other plants, and just how invasive it is getting.

There are lots of colored varieties out there in the garden market. Most will be less aggressive than the native white, so you need to research this particular species, with white flowers, before you decide what to do with it.

It's very drought resistant, and is usually taller rather than sprawling (Possibly due to the part shade. It loves sun. ) It tolerates mowing, and flowers low... Sometimes used as lawn replacement. Attracts beneficial insects. Nice addition to a wildflower area, as long as it doesn't get too out of hand.

If you decide to get rid of some clumps, and live in far NW Ohio, I might be interested in adopting a few orphan clumps [grins]. Weeds are only weeds when they're in the wrong place.....

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