Vines for a FL pergola

BobJuly 7, 2006

I built a large pergola over my deck. I'm looking for a moderately fast growing vine (not as fast a passion vine!) that will provide shade to the sitting area and maybe some nice flowers. I love bougainvillea but they can be messy. It will have full sun and water available. Appreciate any thoughts!

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

Dregea? Tecoma? (Solandra? May be a 'bit much'.)

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Mystyspassion(Z6 NJ)

Hi; I have a few suggestions; Certain types of Jasmine grow very slowly and will give cover eventually and the flowers have the most calming fragrance. Jasmine Azoricum; I have this Jasmine and it does grow slow; but it is a sturdy plant. There is also jasmine Officinale.

I also have Aristolochia Ringens, often called "Dutchman's Pipes; beautiful small flowers and unique looking as well. Mine is growing very slow but I was told that it grows quick; Im not sure I can go by things this year; we've been having a weird growing season in NJ. Also the Passionflower Citrina grows pretty slow; there are a few passionflowers that grow slow and also have small flowers.

How about Honeysuckle, I would say it's a moderate speed grower and has a great aroma; mix the Honeysuckle with the jasmine and you will have some great Nightime Aroma's as well.

Hope this helped
Good Luck

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corgicorner(Mass 6/7)

Somebody else suggested Honeysuckle, which is the "common" name. Lonicera is the name by which you will locate it most easily. Mandevilla is another vine-like plant which you might look into. My suggestion would be to go to your area garden center and ask their advise.
P.S. You might inquire about Brugmansias. They are NOT a vine, and you would have to work on "training" them, but they have HUGE flowers.

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