increasing water pressure to lawn sprinklers

shannonJuly 2, 2006

I have a well and use a RO system. My water pressure in the house is fine. However, I battle low pressure when running the sprinkler outside. Any ideas of how to increase the water pressure to the sprinkler only.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

If the sprinkler is hooked to a hose which is hooked to an outdoor faucet, the problem could well be that the faucet is not/cannot open sufficiently wide to allow the water to continually fill the hose. A sign of this is when you turn on the faucet, wait a minute, and then turn on the sprinkler which will run properly for a bit before evidencing a gradually diminishing water-flow -- the sprinkler literally is not receiving enough water to run full-force. A blockage in the water pipe leading to the faucet will have the same effect. Unless you are very handy with plumbing, call a plumber to repair.

A second possibility is a kink, hole, or leaky connector in the hose; any of which would have the effect of diminishing the water supply to the sprinkler. Check the hose to remove kinks; and all connections to be sure they are properly tight and non-leaky.

A third possibility is simply that the sprinkler does not run as forcefully as you expect it to, due either to having a blockage within the unit, or as a matter of design (changeable only by changing the sprinkler itself).

A fourth thought is that the well system cannot keep it's tank refilled as fast as the sprinkler is pulling the water. I'd consider this unlikely, but as a last resort, check to see if you can run an in-house sink faucet full force continually for 20 minutes without diminished pressure. (Conserve the water by attaching a hose to the faucet or otherwise saving the water for re-use.)

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corgicorner(Mass 6/7)

I'll bet you are using 1/2" hose. Try getting a hose that has an inside diameter of 3/4".

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We have an existing deep well pump pushing 19psi dynamic
and flowing aprox. 2 gpm out of a half inch line - this is not enough to effect use of sprinklers. Only get about 4' spray out of sprinklers. I have access to a 2" line coming from the well which feeds three yards containing 16 sprinkler heads each on 1/2" lines. Would like to add a booster pump at the 2" line to increase pressure to these three yards. How do I install it without trying to increase the pressure in the 2" pipe also? Any suggestion to size and type of pump? Thanks for any suggestions!

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