cone flower wilt?

alaMel(4a)July 11, 2011

My cone flower heads droop off and on. Is this normal. They are supposedly drought tolerant.

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Drought tolerant means that they won't die if they get dry; it doesn't mean that they won't show it. I'd guess that yours could use some water.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Drought tolerance means that a certain plant requires water less frequently than other species. There are varying degrees of drought tolerance to consider, too.

I consider Echinacea pretty darned tolerant of fairly long periods between rain or watering, but still requiring deep watering when 'it's time'. If your plants are not able to get enough water to keep the stems turgid, then you'll see wilting occur. Water DEEPLY when that little sips.

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Seems they take a gallon or two of water every two days. They are taking water like my hydrangia. It just seems strange to me. I flood my garden bed regularly. Two days later it weeps. Should I be using a sprinkler instead for longer periods?

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Ok so this is definaely not a water issue. I soaked these yesterday morninf, last night it rained most of the night(light sprinkle). Today it has been mild(68), overcast and misting all day. They have gone limp again. Does anyone know of anything else that could cause this??

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