New Sleeping Star from Naylor Creek

mbug_gwJuly 22, 2013

Sleeping Star from Naylor Creek .....very nice Hosta sport of Sleeping Beauty from Jan Van den Top....excited to watch it develop

Can't get just one....nice size Kiwi Full Monty too

Thanks for looking! Comments and all pics of yours welcomed

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Nice hostas, mbug. That 'Sleeping Star' looks like its going to be stunning. I like Naylor Creek. They always send nice hostas and great extras. I just bought 'Irish Luck' and 'Pete's Dark Sattelite' from them off of the Hosta Library Auction. I got them today and the root systems were huge. They also sent me 2 of each plant. They're great.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

OH MY!!!! That is one stunning hosta! It has all the colours I love in one, teal, green, cream, chartreuse...thank you for sharing...I just added to my want list....I think it just bumped several other beauties out of their pecking order!

Sounds like there is a "star" theme in the making in my garden...I have Dark Star and Silver Star. It's only right that I should add Sleeping Star, yes? Lol

Off to check my suppliers :-)

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Josephine.....the only place I've seen with it in Naylor Creek

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Those are really nice sized hosta. Sleeping Star is beautiful! I'm going to check their website now. :) Thanks!

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Eleven(Metro Detroit 6A)

I think I saw it on the library auction last week, but that could well have been from Naylor Creek also.

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You're seeing STARS in your garden? :)
How about Stargate? It is a streaker, and it is fragrant. Not very expensive either. Mine is new this year, recovering from the shock of finding itself in south Alabama I think. I may have to get TWO to make the pot fill up faster.

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idiothe(4 MN)

Fun plant from Europe! The Naylor Boyz often get first dibs on the new stuff from Europe due to their close relationship with Marco Fransen.

And Kiwi FM is my absolute favorite of the Striptease family. Best growth rate, good blue color in varied condtions...

About Stargate. I don't know if my plant is typical, but it has always been extremely upright... like much taller than it is wide... and good streaking. It has gotten a lot of attention in my garden this year.

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jadie88(7 MD)

Those look great!

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

Nice purchase, Mbug. Naylor doesn't disappoint. That KFM is great size.

As for Stargate, I saw a fairly mature one at Cochato Nursery. Too bad it's sterile. It's very upright.


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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Moccasins...what price do you consider "not very expensive"? I'm looking at $30 for Stargate not incl. tax...I am aware streakers are pricey...hey, just remembered I paid $33 plus for my QOTS...perhaps 30 is reasonable for a streaker? What say you?

May consider buying more hosta to get negotiating leverage, hm?

OR, just wait for Mbug to post progress on Sleeping Star and get my fix that way. Lol

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stoc zone 6 sweden

Nice looking hosta! I get my Hostas from Van den Torp,it's his hosta,don't see that Fransens has it.

It's a bit pricey here for me too. 18 Euros.Around 23 USD. Think I will have to wait on this one.

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Thanks for the comments

I did get it from Library Auction. I think the bid was 22 or 23.
It looks better in person. Camera is not getting the color just right

Checking out Stargate next!
Sleeping Star potted up

Here is a link that might be useful: Stargate

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Why, Josephine honey, they are all under $15 if my DH should ask. :)

No, seriously, I don't remember it being noticeably heavy in the number of digits, as they say in the bank, somewhere in the "low 2 figure".....but let me check Avalon's catalog...yep, $19 for Stargate. You can look it up at

And AA also sells Sweet Standard if they are not out. That's another fragrant streaker. Don't know if it's sterile, just my luck it is.........

I am sorry to say that poor Stargate is sterile, per SteveMass. Well, you can't have everything I guess. I'm hoping it can just grow quickly and greet people with its sweet fragrance.....backed up by about a hundred fifty more just as fragrant, for an overwhelming experience.

Jo, I do like to dream. Probably right now I have more fragrants in bloom than any other week this summer. Some are very new here, and won't bloom until next year or that's what I expect anyway. I'm watching daily to see which will be the early/mid-season/late bloomers, just like the daylilies. I take pictures all the time it seems. But my lens is fogging over and making halos, it's rained so much my fig tree fell over. We staked it back and it looks okay again, but the ground is extremely saturated right now. High humidity. Two more pepper plants got the blight, even though we were prepared. Part of a small hosta not yet acclimated to the climate, almost croaked, but I caught it and seem to have stopped its imminent passing. We need a couple of days of dry, followed by about an inch of rain twice a week. Sound good to everybody? Then that's what I'm shooting for.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

I can just imagine your voice saying that even tho I've never heard it! Aren't ALL hosta $15 or under??? I wish! Lol lol. Lol

I do a lot of dreaming too, on my swing, when I'm resting my back....I had some lovely fragrance when the lilac and peonies were in bloom, and the could smell it quite a distance away. I actually have 4 Easter lily blooms indoors that I clipped yesterday before going to the cottage. Came home to a wonderful smell! But I need more fragrance going on right now, coming into August....and that's where the fragrant hosta step in, right? The echinaceas have some delightful scent as well, but you have to have your nose awfully close to smell it.

Well, dear lady, I'm saying my third 'goodnight, Irene!' Till tomorrow, happy hosta dreams.

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Jo, about fragrance.....I have some fine sunny spots where hosta won't survive. That's where I have the salvia/sage, and lots of rosemary plants. Those are notably fragrant when you brush against them. Perhaps something that might grow tall and takes more sun, some of the other herbacious plants which can take a lot of water, and maybe be tall enough to make shade for some hosta. Perennials not annuals.
Just a thought.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

We're on the same wavelength! Moc

I'm also feeling guilty straying from topic Sleeping Star...My apologies for my bad manners, mbug.

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