Empress Wu...finally got it

mbug_gwJuly 19, 2014

I've been debating this one for a long time. Wasn't sure I wanted to give it the space it needs. Finally pulled the trigger....it was too big and nice to walk away from.... now have to accommodate it.

....and we all know it is just not proper to get only one, so also came home with
Winter Snow

Fire Island

Fragrant Queen

Lots of digging this week!

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Good for you mbug - I know how you feel, it's impossible to get just one, isn't it? You hear them call your name too?

I'm really happy with my Empress. Planted in the summer of 2012, she's starting to fill out. Can't wait until she tickles my chin in a few years!

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bragu_DSM 5

mbug: listen carefully.

Find a mirror and stare into it ⦠repeating

Empress Wu ⦠I have no room for you ⦠must send you to bragu ...

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What a great growing plant! You have a looker there.

And, those are nice pair of hens too. They must be pretty large to hold their own with E. Wu.

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You will not be disappointed with Fire Island

Or Winter Snow

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bernd ny zone5

That one will get big. My 'Empress Wu' got planted with 2 or more eyes out of a pot in 2010 and is now as shown. Biggest leaves are 14 inches wide, 20 inches long. It grows in shade. Bernd

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Holy Mole, Bernd, that is a gorgeous hosta. I hope your grandson comes off the video games long enough to see what he grew in the garden.

I have a one eyed (at the start) which has one seedpod on it this year. It is in the ground, in the shade, and I love the way it is growing. It is bigger than my S&S which started in 2010. Wu may not be the most exciting colors and such, but it sure makes up for it in sheer size. And it looks good growing too. It will be bigger than some elephant ears I plant, you know?

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