Hardiness of Sisrinchium californicum

prhartJuly 3, 2008

Has anyone had success growing this yellow-eyed grass as a perennial in zone 7? The guide books say it is hardy in 8 and above but that it reseeds freely. That may mean it will reproduce as an annual in 7.

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Hope you aren't as confused about this plant, as I am!
Looked at it once and did some research. There was a mish-mash of hardiness information and preferred growing conditions listed.
Hardiness was listed by various sources as Zones 9, 8 & 7.
One gardener reported he was growing it in Zone 5b-6a (IL).
Meadowbrook Nursery (Marion, NC) reported success overwintering in their garden during mild winters?

Growing conditions varied across the spectrum, from constantly moist bogs to rocky terrain and well drained, poorish soil!
One thing all seemed to agree upon, it is a short lived plant, but seeds profusely and seedlings abound. Reports state flowering from first year seedlings.
Park Seed once carried the seed, don't know if they still do. They listed it as an Annual. Never ordered, because didn't find anything else in their catalog that I wanted and at the time had Hypoxis hirsuta (Yellow-eyed grass), which, after many years, disappeared last year.
Glad you posed the question, I may try some seed this fall and see what happens.
Good luck!

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