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ihaveablackthumb(9)July 7, 2014

Hello - I know mint is supposed to be a tough plant that's hard to kill, but I keep killing mine and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I'm growing it in pots because I live in an apartment, but I have a small back patio where I keep the mint so it does get fresh air and sun. I've tried various things with each plant....with one, I kept it in the shade. With another, I gave it as much sun as possible. I've tried giving mint just a little water, and other times giving it water twice a week.

But, every time I try growing mint, it does well for a month or so, and then the leaves turn brown and shrivel up, and the stems turn brown and become hollow. I thought maybe it was something wrong with the soil, so I've tried different potting mixes too, as well as washing the pots out to make sure it wasn't a weird fungus or something.

I really like mint. But I can't grow it for crap. Am I doomed to just getting mint in tea bags??

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Not sure what you're doing wrong, but my mint requires full sun and lots of water. Mint will even root quite happily with no extra help in just a glass of water. I'd say make sure your soil drains well, make sure you're watering but not over watering... it should still be soil, not mud. Make sure it has heat. Other than that, I'm not really sure. Maybe fertilize?

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I have some mint in a pot that will take watering everyday. Any extra drains out and the porous clay dries out. The leaves don't wilt and beg you for water as other plants might. It's warning is dry and brown, but the good news is that if you have any leaves at all or haven't ignored it too long, you can water it well and keep watering and have a good chance of bringing it back.

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