Drip Irrigation

charotarguyMay 3, 2007

Does anyone in NJ have a drip irrigation system. If you have then I would like to know how is it working for you. How much you initially spent to make it work. How benificial is it proving you. Any inputs will be great and will help me decide whether I want to put it in our small backyard for different vegetable plants. Thanks to anyone who replies.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Yep, I have one in my main rose bed and will put one in my other bed this year. The original came from Dripworks, their "Glorious Gardens Rose Kit" (it is $55 at the Dripworks site)as a gift. I have extended it with add-ons bought both from Dripworks and from two local garden centers/hardware stores (not big boxes). It has been a wonderful addition to my yard. I wasn't watering deeply enough and I now have too many roses to water all of them by hand. I turn on the irrigation system and go do something else. Saves a lot of time.

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Thanks for the info. Appreciate it.

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Yo bud, I got your e-mail. I want to do something like that to my yard as well but I'm still trying to come up with a good layout for my yard. That's why I haven't done anything yet. If there's any plumbing questions I can help you with just let me know and I'll try to help.

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Hey thanks, no problem, I did decide to put a drip irrigation system. We have a small garden and we plan to put some veggies. I ordered all the stuff from www.mrdrip.com, Lori was very helpful and helped me a lot to put together a good kit. They also charge less shipping compared to other sites. So all in all I think I got a good deal. Will let you know how it goes installation wise.
Thanks for answering my email. Will definately let you know if I get into some kind of plumbing problem. Thanks again.

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Update ---

Thanks for the inputes Diane, Fmart322 and Dave (who wrote me an email). I did go ahead and put a drip zone yesterday, it took couple of hours to put everything together. I cheked it out for any leakage and as such, but it seems to be holding up for now. Will put an update maybe six months from now at how it performed in summer. For now its going smooth considering that its only been one day :). I am going to get another zone going soon may be this weekend. Also I found out that the Walmart on Rt. 22 has almost all then necessary stuff to put a drip system, so whoever does not want to pay the hefty shipping charges should consider it. Thanks guys again for the help.

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