Rutger's Garden Plant Sale

Odie99(z7a NJ)May 4, 2005

To all interested, the annual Mother's day plant sale will be held at the Rutger's garden this Saturday and Sunday, May 7 & 8. They will have a tremendous variety of plants that will grow in New Jersey and surrounding areas. You will be able to find common as well as rare and unusual perennials, shrubs and trees. There is also the added attraction of viewing the Rutger's Gardens which are going through some management changes and a long overdue update. What a great day to spend with the mom's and as an added bonus, bring home some new plants for the garden!


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zcherian(z5 NJ)

Thanks Kirk for posting this message. I am looking forward to go there.

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carlanne(7 NJ coastal)

It would have been good to post the times.

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Landscape_DesignerNY(z6 NY)

Hello and thank you for the info. I would like to attend, and I was wondering if anyone would happen to know if this plant sale has good prices. If not, maybe it would be worthwhile for it's selection?

I have been eyeing the plant list with interest at and I found lots of perennials, ferns and grasses for the full shade woodland garden I am working on.

Before Sunday, I will try to look up prices for some of these at other nurseries, for the sake of comparison. In the meantime, I think I'll email their contact at to see if they will stay open if it rains on Sunday and what time it's open.

I will post back here as soon as I find out anything.

Here are my choices so far without having seen them, at which time I expect my list would grow to include some Hellebores and more. I like lots of mixture texture and shades of color for the shade:

Deciduous shrubs:
Fothergilla major Mount Airy #3 18-24' (native)
Hydrangea quercifolia Snow Queen #2 15-18'
Kalmia Latifolia 'Elf' #3 (Evergreen - native)
Leucothoe axillaris #2 12/15' (Evergreen)
Prunus laurocerasus Otto Luykens #3 18-24' (Evergreen)

Amsonia x Blue Ice#1
Cimicifuga ramosa James Compton #2
Dicentra 'Cutleaf Bleeding Hearts' #2
Euphorbia amygdaloides Purpurea #1
Galium odoratum #1
Geranium sanguineum #1
Heuchera x Plum Pudding #2
Heuchera x Silver Scrolls #2
Sambucus nigra Madonna #3 2-3'
Tiarella cordifolia Dark Star #2
Tiarella x Pink Skyrocket #2

Carex comans 'Frosted Curls'
Festuca glauca Elijah Blue #1
Panicum virgatum Dallas Blues #3

Athyrium nipponicum Pictum #2
Dryopteris erythrosora #2
Osmunda cinnamomea #2

Very truly yours,

Here is a link that might be useful: Rutger's Garden Plant Sale List

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To answer 2 questions- 10:00am-4:00 pm Rain or shine (see link).

I've *attempted* to go to it in the past, many years ago, and it was always a mob scene, horrible lines to get in/park/etc.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rutgers Plant Sale announcement

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Odie99(z7a NJ)

The layout and sales area have been changed this year in an attempt to ease congestion. This is a benefit event so the prices are reasonable but the variety and quality is outstanding. I was there 4 days this week and was astonished by the fabulous plant material that was being brought in every day. The oppurtunity to walk through the gardens is an outstanding benefit.


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I'm very upset that I don't get to go this year. My neices first holy communion is today and tomorrow is spent travelling to mom's house. :(


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Into_the_woods(z6 NJ)

I was there today, and came home with some fabulous uncommon annuals, a paper bark maple ($30, about 4 feet tall) etc. Annuals, in individual pots, prices from $4 to $5.50, up to $24 for really great phormiums, aka New Zealand flax. Yes, it's crowded. But we're all eager gardeners looking for great plants to enhance our gardens. What did I regret not getting? Metasequoia 'Ogun' with golden needles, for $70. Maybe I should go back tomorrow . . . .

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carlanne(7 NJ coastal)

We visited on Sunday afternoon, and it was not overcrowded. I bought only a few items, and I enjoyed seeing the lilac, azalea, and bamboo groves. All very beautiful. I brought some of my problem plants with me and the plant experts were very helpful to me. Yesterday, at least, the real variety and plants of interest were in shrubs, and perennials. Annuals were quite ordinary, as were the overpriced petunia baskets. I have never been to Rutgers Gardens before and was surprised that there were so many run down buildings surrounded by trash (garden type). It was pretty well organized, but still room for improvement.

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daviddmc(z6 NJ)

Hey -- does anyone know what the name is of the free plant they were giving out to "mothers" for Mother's Day? Mine is finally starting to take off, but I can't remember what kind of plant it is. I remember the lady saying it would need to be brought indoors during the winter, and that it would have some kind of blue flowers. Anyone know what it is?

David NJ

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Odie99(z7a NJ)

I believe it was Tibouchina, not sure if it is grandiflora.


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