Attention all Newbies: Check this out!

Skybird - z5, Denver, ColoradoJuly 27, 2005

Hi all Newbies,

There's an "adopt a newbie" thread on the Plant Exchange Forum you might be interested in. Check out: "WANTED: newbies and people willing to adopt them (thread 3)" Maybe you'll find somebody to adopt you!

Have fun,


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pewterdigit(z5 WA)

Thank you for sharing Skybird and I wonder as to who qualifies as being a newbie!? I think the definition of a newbie should have my picture next to it!!!! Ann

The more I know makes me realize how little I know!

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Monipook(z5 NH)

Chandra, has kept this going strong, I was adopted by a member and I have to say I was very please with everything I have recieved. Was a great way to get started..


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mamimo(Sunset 16)

Thanks skybird!

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jessay3(Ga Z 8)

HERE, HERE, Can you see me? I'm a newbie and I need to be adopted by someone who can seriously give me some good advice.

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