rose_is_a_rose(z4 SW Ont)July 28, 2008

I have growing in my garden a wildflower that I allow to grow because it is so pretty!! The closest picture I can find to it is Knotweed however this is distinctive because the leaf has a circle of darker colour on it? The flowers are pinkish/purple and are compact growing like a grass flower on a straight stalk at the top of the plant. I'm in the Huron Lake region. Anyone have any idea what this beauty is called?

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Lady's Thumb, perhaps

Here is a link that might be useful: Lady's Thumb

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rose_is_a_rose(z4 SW Ont)

THANK YOU Carol!!! YES.... that is it!!! I so love this... it looks so nice in between my hostas. There are actually quite a few wild flowers I allow to grow in my gardens.... the word weed should be banned from out vocabulary!!!


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