dogwood tree not flowering

junkjunkie(z7 CentNJ)May 22, 2010

I live in central NJ and my dogwood tree is not flowering this year. Last year, it was filled with blossoms and was beautiful. Usually, I get blooms every year. This year, I have maybe 5 flowers, total. Could it be because of the bad winter we had? Otherwise, it looks very healthy. Are there any tips in getting it to flower?

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The same thing happened to my friends Dogwood tree. I wouldn't be surprised if it had something to do with last seasons winter.

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bogturtle(SE NJ 7a)

Quite spectacular every year for almost 40, with this Spring only a few blooms. The natives on the property behaved the same. Few flowers. I only assume that weather interfered, somehow, in the making up of buds, last Summer. Not something I expect will occur again, but we will see.

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I have several varieties of dogwoods, some bloomed well, some sparsely and my pink stellar one not at all. I thought it had to do with all the cloudy, rainy days we had last year. Maybe not enough sunlight to set buds properly?

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I had the same experience this year. My dogwood which is usually the showpiece of the neighborhood was very disappointing this year. I got about half the flowers I normally do. Not sure what the cause is but it definitely worried me. I'm hoping it was the cold...and long winter.

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My dogwoods flowered normally, but I water regularly. Last summer was very hot & dry, possibly interfering with bud set.

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