What is this plant? Wasp/Bee problem

Steve4444July 28, 2013

I am hoping someone is aware of what this plant is and can help me understand why all of a sudden it is attracting bees and wasps of every type. It does not flower that I have seen and has not attracted bees for the last 5 years we have lived here. Two points, I used to do my own pest control and am using a service now. Could prior spraying have prevented this in the past. Also the bee/wasp population is higher than normal this year,

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Could they have hidden a hive in it?

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botanybob(Northern Idaho)

It could have some sucking insect, like aphids or scales, that produce honeydew. Look under the leaves and along the stems for any of these insects. Wasps will come and feed on the honeydew if there is a lot of it. Usually it will turn the lower leaves very glossy and sticky.

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Thats got to be it. I went and checked the plant and saw tiny black insects on the underside of the leaves. Just sprayed the plants and hopefully in a couple days will be resolved. Thanks for the response.

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