Dwarf trees/evergreens for foundation plantings

tiamaria(5 NJ)May 22, 2007

I am from central NJ and trying to plan my foundation plants. This post has perhaps too many questions.

I have a difficult space to work in. The beds are narrow but very deep so I need to layer the plantings. (15w x 18d)

I'm considering dwarf conifers and perhaps some small trees.

I came across some grafted varieties of plants that seemed very nice but I'm not sure of the habits of grafted shrubs and conifers.

A web site called JCBakker.com has many interesting varieties of grafted trees and shrubs.

Weeping pear, Ginkgo, Viburnum, Rose of Sharon and of course Hydrangea.

Is there anything I should be aware of when considering a grafted plant?

In addition to the small tree I am seeking a narrow pyramid shaped evergreen for interest

and don't want to use the typical Alberta Spruce. It must be narrow, not more than 3 - 4 ft in diameter.

Here are some shrubs/evergreens I've considered:

Narrow Pyramid shape:

Boxwood: Fastigiata, Dee Runk, Graham Blandy

Alberta Spruce: Jean Dilly Dwarf, Blue Dwarf

Holly: Steeds

Juniper: Blue Arrow

Grafted shrubs:

Viburnum, Rose of Sharon, Barberry, Hydrangea,

Small Dogwoods: ?

I've also considered a Weeping Red Maple for a small tree, and a dwarf crab apple but the flowers don't last long enough so I prefer the dogwood.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Thank you,


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Loretta NJ Z6

I am sorry you haven't gotten any response yet but it does require a long complicated answer without a lot of information.
I am not familiar with JCBakker but they come up as a wholesaler for me. I find it odd that some of the plants you mention are grafted. They are easy enough to root. Are you sure they graft Viburnum, Rose of Sharon, Barberry, Hydrangea?
Also it is hard to design an unseen site. There are many variables besides just taste. If you break apart your question and search each one, you will find a lot of material to mull through. Such as "narrow evergreen", I came up with almost 750 hits just here on the GW. Sometimes the answer just comes down to what you like once conditions are considered. And there are always people pushing the ideal conditions and getting away with it.
May I suggest you take a day to visit Rare Find Nursery in Jackson? It is not the only place to go, but they have a very interesting selection of plants and its a great place to start. Plants do range in size. Some are too small and I might suggest you stay away from the smallest rhododendron starts unless you really must have something. It takes a while to go through between the offerings and the gardens so don't go when you are in a rush.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rare Find Nursery

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