Wondering about this seedling

maggiepie_gwJuly 25, 2014

Does it look like it could be developing colour down the centre of the leaves?
It is growing in sun for most of the day. The past few weeks it seems to be doing something down the centre of leaves.
Not sure if it could be sunburn, we have had extreme heat for the past few weeks ( for us in zone 4b)
Temps have been mostly between 25 and 30 during the day for those weeks.
I have no idea what it could look like as a mature hosta.
Any ideas?

I was going to compost it but last few weeks it is starting to look interesting to me.

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

It looks like a legitimate color change to me. I'd keep it to see what it looks like next year. Is it a first year seedling?


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Why don't you send it on to me and I'll check it out for you.....

I have some solid greens that develop a little bronzing from the heat. The one I recall off the top of my head is Lakeside Full Tide. It is a beauty. I think yours might be doing something like that.

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Steve, the seedling is from 2012, it was tiny when planted out and has come through two winters.
I found a pic of it from around same time last year.
The blue in first pic seems to be new, had not noticed it before I took the pic. Is it usual to see clems change to blue in third year?

Moc, that is a very nice hosta, reminds me of Niagara Falls.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

last pic... I SEE ... the first two leaves of the season ... are starved for water ... and the plant is sacrificing them for the new flush ...

its stress... not a color change.. per se ..

first pic.. i see the new flush.. but cant really tell what the older leaves are doing ... maybe ask in a few weeks or so ... to see if a pattern appears.. or teh whole leaf is yellowing ...


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Thanks, Ken,
I see where your new thread is coming from.
Thinking about it, we had a lot of rain a few weeks ago and it is since then that the blue in seedling leaves has become much more noticeable

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