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kek19July 8, 2007

what's this, the circled vine. Next to it is cockscomb I planted. I have morning glories planted somewhat close, but they haven't bloom, so it's not a seedling, plus the leaves are shaped differently.

And this stuff, its all over. (not the fleabane, the green foilage stuff) When it was 1st growing, I thought it was Queen Annes Lace. When it was really small they looked the same. I have a lot of QAL in that area.

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The first one looks like bindweed.
Your second picture is really dark but looks like ragweed, Ambrosia artemisiifolia.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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The second one is most definantly ragweed. I did some looking up on bindweed, and it looks like hedge bindweed. I think I might chance moving it to a spot that doesn't grow things well and I won't mind it trying to spread. The flowers are pretty. Then again...if I let it flower, it'll reseed... Never mind, I just read that it's illegal to grow it in Michigan, but then again, it also says it's illegal to grow and or sell Morning glories, but those are at every nursery...weird.

Anyways...THANKS carol23!

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janet_e(6B PA)

The first plant isn't hedge bindweed, or any other bindweed in the genus Ipomoea species. It's a vine in the buckwheat family, most likely Polygonum convolvulus. This has the common name black bindweed, though it's unrelated to the morning glory-type bindweeds. It does sometimes show up as a garden weed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Polygonum convolvulus

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I don't know, on the link below it compares Field bindweed, hedge bindweed and the buckwheat vine, and to me it looks more like the hedge bindweed pics. I potted it up, I guess I'll see if it flowers like bindweed or the buckwheat vine.

Here is a link that might be useful: bindweed

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Ok Janet, you win! Its the Polygonum convolvulus. I found another one, in bloom. Thanks!

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