Penstemon container media

botanybob(Northern Idaho)July 27, 2013

I've been growing several penstemon species in my nursery and am having difficulty with root rot and poor root health. I am using a commercial high porosity growing mix to which I am adding even more perlite. Almost all of my other plants do well in this mix, but the results with penstemons are really spotty. I am thinking I might need a completely different potting mix and am willing to make up my own. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am trying to manage my root rot disease by cultural means rather than regular fungicide drenches.

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Many penstemon species prefer rocky, well-drained soils. I have seen some species doing well growing out of cracks in rocks. If you know the species research their native habitat and duplicate those conditions. Try a mix short on soil and long on sand and gravel. Do not over water.

The book, Northwest Penstemons, by Dee Strickler is a good reference.

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