My walkway is cursed. Help sought (exorcists apply below)

neshanicguyMay 2, 2013

Hi all. I have a trouble area at my front walkway. Its an Eastern facing area that extends about 3 feet deep from my brick garage to my concrete walkway. Originally I had Delaware white azaleas planted there. They never grew. I replaced them with PJM rhodos since I had 2 that flourished just 4 feet further up on the walkway. All of the PJMs that I planted died. I then got serious. Tested the soil - it was fine. No issues with acidity etc. Dug it all out and replaced soil at recommendation of a local nursery. Replanted 5 PJS. Two in the middle died. There is a sprinkler system just for this bed. Water is not the issue. So... I'm ready for suggestions. The area gets abt 1/2 days worth of sun. Morning into early afternoon. Do I just replace the 2 that died? DO I try a different plant?
I have a dog so I wont go with any shrub with toxic berries/ leaves. I'd like evergreen / semi evergreen with something that flowers. Are there dwarf burkwood viburnums or can they be EASILY kept to a hedge of 5 ft? (did I mention that I don't want high maintenance? LOL) Thanks again for your input. - Chris

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I recommend that you repost this, with pictures of the area if possible, in the Shrubs forum; it's a much more active forum and you will get advice there from people who really know their stuff.

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Thanks lisanti07028!

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