Black eyed susan wilting too soon

house_beautiful(9)August 2, 2012

I grew some black eyed susans from seeds in a container this year. They have finally started blooming. But the bloom lasted only for a week, and the flowers started wilting after that. I have attached the photo. I water the container using drip irrgation (1 min everyday). What could be the problem?


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It's a watering issue. Adhering to a set schedule is not going to be appropriate for most gardening situations. And I'd wonder about one minute sufficient to fully hydrate the entire container?

How much and how often to water is going to depend on container size, the number of plants in the container, the type of potting soil used and weather. In full sun, heat and in a smallish container, you may have water more than once a day. When you water, water as long as it takes for the water to run freely out the drainage holes, then do not water again until the top inch (inch and a half) is dry to the touch.

In the nursery we water everything on a pretty much a daily basis (sometimes more often), depending on size. But we lift each container and judge its weight - a heavy container can skip a day; a lightweight container needs water :-)

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