solomon seal colony collapse

negardnerJuly 27, 2008

Has anyone had problems with sudden loss of solomon seal plants?

I had two large colonies of great solomon seal growing under trees in my yard in Rhode Island, they flourished for almost 20 years. Last year, the largest colony died out in mid-summer, virtually all at once. The plants did not return this spring. Now, a second colony about twenty feet away has also died. In fact, almost every solomon seal on my property is now gone.

I saw little evidence of insects - these plants were healthy for 15 to 20 years. Any ideas are appreciated. I grow mostly native plants and these were my favorite of all. Thanks for any help.

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Voles? I lost a scattered group of pink lady slippers, and I think voles were the culprits. I have also lost two nice silver sedges and half a F. sedge, and I know these plants were eaten by voles. One day there, two days later gone. On the other hand, maybe they got too thick. I dug some in the wild (rescue) this past spring, and they were about fifty all attached. If you had the drought that we have had for the past several years, maybe there were too many to survive with such diminished water??

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