Common milkweed...trouble?

mucknmire(zone6 NJ)May 15, 2006


I liked the stately look of the common milkweed, Asclepias syriaca which was growing in an empty lot behind our house and I also wanted to attract butterflies so I dug some up last year and planted it in several places in our yard. They all survived the transplant and are thriving... maybe too shoots were coming up a foot or so beyond the main group of plants. Did I do a bad thing? Will I have trouble controlling this plant? Thanks for any comment.

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Did you remove the seed pods? They could've reseeded from the empty lot behind your house, since the fluff attached to the seed allows the seed to travel ;)

If you plan to harvest the seed, remove the seed pods as soon as they split. If you don't want to harvest seed or allow reseeding, remove the pods before they develop.

I grow A. tuberosa, A. incarnata, A. curassavica; all are controllable, and only reseed if I don't get to the pod quick enough...

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mucknmire(zone6 NJ)

Hi Tracey,
Actually I was more concerned that it would spread uncontrollably by runners as it seems to be popping up further than where I originally planted it. This is making me anxious that I will have a difficult time containing the milkweed.

We have a volunteer apparently from blown seed.

We also planted A. tuberosa but it only lasted 2 years. Seemed healthy but disappeared and didn't seem nearly as vigorous as the common milkweed.

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We do get them popping up where we don't want them but it seems more so in my wet area's of the yard. karen

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mucknmire(zone6 NJ)

Karen, thanks for the information. I planted one in a boggy spot in the yard and the new shoots there seem to be more vigorous than the others. Is it difficult to control?

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