cedar mulch question

bobbobnjMay 7, 2007

Mulch question.

I'm buying mulch in bulk for our beds. If they call it cedar mulch is it the same as cedar bark mulch or different? I would imagine it's the bark that gets used for mulch and the rest for wood products.

Also I'm wondering if the mulch in local garden centers is all about the same stuff. I would imagine their aren't too many suppliers. The reason I'm wondering is that there are big differences in price and I'd like to think the $34 kind is the same as the $40 kind. I do use free town chips for some beds. I'm not completely nuts.

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Loretta NJ Z6

A couple of years ago, I bought and compared a few different wood mulches and found they were not the same. Some have large splinters of wood and are shredded from pallets.
The type I prefered was carried by Sears and Fairfield Gardens at the time and the name...Southsomething. I will try to remember.
Anyway, if you care, its worth getting samples. I did because I used it on a path and it had to be soft for little feet.

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Thanks for the reply.

I checked a few out and had one delivered the same day. It looks good.

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Last Spring I planted giant liriope at a confined, flat area at the front of my house (apx 8 x 10 ft. area, bordered by walkways). For interest, I planted three small hollies that will not get tall. There is also a non-invasive nandina there that I trim yearly. The liriope did well, especially after I used corn meal once a month for fungus.

I want to add mulch this year to control the weeds in between the liriope, but am not fond of pine needles. Will cedar shavings work? I've researched this a little and see that there is a fire hazard warning and the need to perhaps add nitrogen. My concern is whether cedar shavings are okay to use with giant liriope. Thoughts? I'm new to liriope and to mulch. This area gets full sun about 9 hours a day.

If not cedar, what other mulch besides pine needles works best? I'm in zone 9 in north Florida and have read the FAQ on this site, Using Mulches and the one about cedar. I've found a local garden shop that sells cedar shavings suitable for pet beds--cheap. It looks like cedar and has no colored material in it.

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