pamAugust 17, 2006

my problem is i can't grow grass on the septic tank. i believe it is not deep enough. i don't want to dig it up and and lower it due to the expense. i have planted seed in the spring, fall and finally resulted to laying sod on top, but to no avail. can anyone recommend a type of grass that will grow or have any solution to my problem the area is no more than 8X5 square

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How deep is it to the top of the tank? In most cases, you can add topsoil over the tank but not over the drainfield (leachbed.) Call your local health department or the company that installed the tank and find out what the regulations are. All grass needs a decent root zone to maintain itself during the dry times of year. And sprinkler systems are not recommended over the septic areas.

Another option to consider is to make something there besides lawn. A paved patio is acceptable as long as the pavers can be removed for access to the tank.


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