Plant ID?

beth11(z7 southern MD)July 24, 2011

Hi All,

My neighbor has a volunteer plant come up in her garden that she lets grow each year. I also spotted a few plants down by our guardrail and took a few pictures. In her garden it grows at least 10 feet tall and has spread to a colony of about 10 feet in diameter. The plant has very soft needle like leaves and the main branch is white hairy. To my knowledge, it hasn't flowered, but I'm not down there all the time. It is a really cool plant because the foliage is so soft, but I'd like to know what it is! Not sure if it is an annual or perennial, but I'm thinking perennial that comes back from roots each year. Any thoughts?



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beth11(z7 southern MD)

Thought Photobucket would provide a clickable link, try #2.


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It is Eupatorium capillifolium, Dog fennel. Considered by some to be a weed. To post your pictures, use the line provided by photobucket as "HTML Code".

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beth11(z7 southern MD)

Thank You! Thank you! I've been trying to figure out what this was for a couple of years. Now I know!


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This plant is good for dried flower arrangements. I allow a few to grow, but it can get ahead of you, so be careful!

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Ament(5a SD)

I agree that is a pretty plant. I've never seen that before. :)

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