Blue Cadet

paul_in_mn(4b)July 21, 2013

A fast growing blue-green hosta. Nice as a round dense specimen or as a border. Love how some still list it as 15" When I was hosta poor and stretching my budget, I found a neighbor selling handfuls of bare root hosta dividing out of his garden.....planted 3 div of Blue Cadet to a hole and moved over about 2 feet and repeat until they were gone - covered about 8 holes. By the end of summer some of these 3 division holes had more than 3 division......did I mention fast growing. Come spring I split and repeat 3 to a hole and in a couple of years I had a decent border with 25-30 clumps. BTW, between border clumps is a great place to plant tulips - tulips have bloomed and faded about the time the border is really kicking in.

Blue Cadet - 15" wide?? really.....double that at least when mature.

Oh, and nice profuse blooming

A few years back I expanded this garden and kept a hint of the Blue Cadet border.

Please add your pics. Thanks for looking.


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Paul, I think you have confirmed for me that I have Blue Cadet....bought it years ago labeled Hadspen Blue, and I knew it was not that. But it just kept growing, and I wondered if it could possibly be that "small" blue cadet? I think it must be close to 3' across this year. Funny about those descriptions, right?? I'm pretty sure I have Blue Cadet, and I'll take a pic tomorrow. I love the dense clump form and it is one of the least attractive to slugs, for whatever reason.

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coll_123 - another that is similar is Hadspen Hawk - a little taller than Blue Cadet


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Boy that does look similar. I just assumed mine was Blue Cadet because it seems that is a common variety to pick up at local nurseries. Mine does bloom profusely and is blooming now, so I will take a pic tomorrow and compare it with yours. I imagine it will not be possible to get a conclusive id, though.

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I believe this is a 'Hadspen Blue'. A fast grower that makes a nice-looking mound.

Don B.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Love my BC too. Here's a very recent pic...
Paul, your BC border is simply've inspired me to do something similar in my tight quarters here..on a smaller scale. .I'll work on that idea. Just how much land DO you have? It seems like it just goes on, and on...a veritable hosta paradise.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

My newly acquired Hadspen Blue...the leaves are rounder than yours, Don. Are they the same plant or is this one of those "juvie" things again?

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Don, a couple of the leaves on yours have this wavy look that reminds me of a the way a young Sagae looks.....I looked again at your pic because I really like that blue/green hue...are you sure that's a HB? I wouldn't normally second guess you as I'm hardly familiar with I.d.s but its easier when I actually have a plant that we are talking about. I know virtually nothing about Hadspen Blue...perhaps I may have a mislabelled one...

Paul ... I have said this before so please indulge me one more time...I am blown away by your hosta collection and am envious of your growing environment. Your hostas are so healthy looking, so beautiful. It's inspiring to say the least. The 'staging' , it literally takes my breath away. The colour placement is amazing. It's obvious your plants get the best of care and its obvious you have a love for them. It's such a pleasure viewing your pictures and the comments you provide are always informative.

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Jo, I think it is a 'Hadspen Blue'. That's the most recent pic I have; it's a bit outdated, it was taken in May I believe. If I have any time later today, I'll snap a current pic. The leaves have flattened and rounded out, more true-to-form (more like yours). : ) It's a nice mound that's topping off the pot nicely.

Don B.

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Here is what I am calling Blue Cadet in my garden from this morning. Measures at about 36" across at the widest point. I think it comes off as "small" because of the small leaves and low height? An illusion!

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Josephine, thank you for all the nice comments. I'm fortunate to have a DW that enjoys the gardens and encourages my efforts. Our lot is about 3/8 of an acre - most of the garden areas were wooded areas that I've cleaned out the scrub and reclaimed, though lawn areas have shrunk a bit as well.

coll_123, looks like Blue Cadet. Right habit in leaves and scapes.


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