Squirrel woes...really sad

skatayama(NJ-7)May 31, 2005

for the squirrel. I guess my other post didn't take but I need to know what kind of predator in suburban NJ will store it prey say in a storage shed corner under cover. I admit the shed was left open last night- not a typical occurrence.

I went out this morning to put the grill back into the shed but when I moved the grill cover there lay a headless dead squirrel. I would say its a fresh kill the insects hadn't found it yet and the flesh was still bright red. I found its front leg but not its head.

Which leads to another question? How to dispose of the carcass responsibly? I don't think it should sit around waiting for garbage pickup.

truly skeeved out on the bayshore,


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Loretta NJ Z6

Bury it a couple of feet. Perhaps a cat?

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I hope I can dig that far down. Thoughts of zombie squirrels will keep me indoors tonight...

I did find some gore on the house way high up. After reading a few other posts, I think it was a bird of some sort.


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Go out and celebrate!

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misosoup(Z6 NJ)

chuck it in the neighbor's yard. And if the neighbor tells you 'bout the headless squirrel he found, mention the hawk you saw that was as big as paul bunion.

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skippy05(z7 PA)

oh, that is a shame...poor little thing
I can't stand to see anything killed

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