Any way to stop the St. Augustine invasion?

marti8aJuly 23, 2008

When we moved into this house 13 years ago, there was just St. Augustine in the backyard near the house, since then it has spread down the septic lines and it now at the back of my acre. I don't want it to crowd out my native bluestem. Is there anyway to stop it?

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Herbicide or dig it out are the only two options that I know of. Or you do a combination of those, digging out as much as you can and spraying only the difficult or hard to reach places.

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really the only way to truly stop it is to literally draw a line in the sand (ground) and put in a physical barrier such as edging or border of some sort. Anything past that you can kill with an herbicide. If it tries to grow past your barrier it will be much easier to stop. Be careful, if you want it to stop you have to deal with it now. We live in Southern California and you see a lot of neighbors with the same St. Augustine lawn because the yards run together.

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