delia5588May 23, 2014

Hi all! I am very new to the boards. I posted here a couple months ago regarding a bush that's in my front yard. I just bought the property and wasn't sure what it was and if it was dieing. I was told it's most likely a Nandina and now that it seems to be doing well and growing leaves again I thought I'd repost to check. I cut it back last weekend (about 1/3 of the length). Does anyone know what kind of Nandina it is? Also, notice the smaller bunches of leaves that have sprouted from the ground? Is that normal? Should I pull them up? I certain don't want the bush growing wider, as it was already planted too close to the edge of the flower bed.

Thank you!

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Yes it's Nandina.

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The little shoots coming up around the base of the nandina are normal. These plants spread by runners as well as by seed, so these are either growing from dropped seeds or coming up from the roots of the older plant. You can remove them ... if you remove the seedlings carefully enough, you may pot them up in a little growing medium and give them away if you have a friend who would like them. Just be warned they do spread a bit more than some people would like (and don't forget bird dispersal of the seeds).

Next time you feel you need/want to reduce the size of the shrub, or just tame it a bit, a renewal pruning, rather than cutting back by 1/3, will give best results. With pruning shears or loppers, cut to the ground up to 1/3 of the oldest (which will most likely also be the tallest) canes. Another method is outlined in the link below.

You will probably appreciate this shrub much more when it is covered with bright red berries through the winter.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pruning Nandina

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