Corrugation: Hosta 'Spellbound'

hostahillbilly(4)July 28, 2012

This one is getting what most folk will probably think is too much light to properly show it's greatness, but as another poster resently mentioned, in years gone by (and still occurring in some folks systems), they're grown in big sun to git 'em bigger, badder, meaner, faster, then divided and put in more appropriate light to show them off. Then again, I find several other Hostas that I like both in shade and a tad bit 'too' much sun. But, as Alton Brown sez, 'That's another episode'...

Most here already know my 'Hostas are not shade plants, merely shade-tolerant' rant, so let's cut to the chase:

Hosta 'Spellbound':


P.S. - d**n cut-worm season rip in the main leaf ! ! !

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Wow, HH, that doesn't have even a wee bit of burn on it. Just a good lesson in how well the sun can bleach things. You sold me.

Actually, with folks telling me that Sugar Daddy is a bum hosta, I am taking that new arrival to use as a guinea pig. I split the new arrival into two pots, and will put one in a lot of sun for most of the day. The other in just morning sun. I think the smaller pot will dry out quicker, so it is the one getting morning sun. The larger pot might not dry out so quickly, so it gets the full sun treatment...until maybe 4pm or so. I'm trying to be bold but I know how very exhausting it is for me to be in full sun these days, so I feel bad for the hosta. The experiment begins in a couple of days, after it gets adjusted to its new container.

Your Spellbound is beautiful in YOUR full sun.

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I hereby deny any 'enabling' intent, teehee!


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