Trillium Seed Capsules

ncrescueJuly 8, 2007

Someone just sent me photos of Trillium seed capsules, but they do not include T. sulcatum and T. catsbaei. Does anyone out there have any other photos? I have (one time) grown some from seed and would like to do it again although it is a long process. I may have an opportunity to collect seeds if the critters do not get them first, and I would like to have an idea of what I am getting. All help appreciated.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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nonews(Zone 7 NC)

What are you're instructions for growing them from seed?

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I just used the winter sowing method. The seeds were from the NARGS exchange, so although most people say to sow them fresh, I am sure they were harvested in the summer, and I received them the following Feb. They took two seasons to germinate. I kept the container open in the first summer but not did give it any extra water...just had it in a shaded spot. I did the same with Solomon Seal and Arisaema, and they took two years, too. I planted them out the second summer. As I said, slow but easy. No wonder they cost so much!!

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Case claims, in his reference book on trillium, that green seed will sometimes germinate without going through the winter cold period. He also notes that mature seed germinates the first year but that the growth occurs underground so that the seedlings are not visible. I received T. ovatum seed from another GW member and got a pretty good stand of seedlings after one year but T. albidium did not emerge this spring so it will take the full two years. You may want to consider putting a baggy over ripening seed pods about this time of year to prevent their abcising and being scattered by the ants.

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