Troubled garden, grass is it Bad Soil?

UrbanGardner100August 23, 2013

Hi all, I'm kinda new to gardening. I went ahead and planted a bunch of different plants. I've planted forsythias, knockout roses, shrubs etc. Unfortunately, my plants don't look as healthy as they did when I had them in pots. I've tried using miracle grow to help with growth but to no avail. I've also added some compost thinking that would help but it didn't. I'm also in nyc so I'm worried that my soil won't be strong enough to help my plants endure the colder temperatures. What else could I possibly do?

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It is impossible to tell what may be the problem just based on your description - photos would certainly help. But it could also be a variety of factors - soil conditions, planting techniques, watering, proper siting for light conditions, etc., etc........ btw, it is never recommended to fertilize stressed plants - it only stresses them further.

Not sure I understand that last bit.....what do you mean by your soil not being "strong enough"?

More details, photos, any further clarification you can provide and we might be able to provide some meaningful advice.

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