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tomb_2007May 30, 2007

I was fascinated about the posts concerning Well Sweep. I have been to Well Sweep a number of times through the years and have observed Louise and Cy Hyde together on most of those occasions. To the best of my knowledge throughout all of those years, I have never once heard an unkind word between them. I am not bringing up my observations in any way to dismiss the observations that have been sighted. If there have been unkind words between Louise and Cy, I would agree that on a professional level it would be good for them to discontinue doing so, especially in front of customers. Having said that, I do find it peculiar that with all of the hours that I have spent at Well Sweep through the years, that my only experiences with both Louise and Cy have been graciousness, thoughtfulness, kindness, consideration, and a desire to meet my needs. If the snapping at each other is their norm, I find it strange that I have never seen it. If it is something that is done on rare occasions, I would still agree that it should not be done. However, I personally would not want to be judged by what I do on rare occasions but rather be judged by the typical way that I function in life.

You mentioned that the plants are wonderful and that its a delight to go there just to walk around. I would completely agree with you on both accounts. To be at Well Sweep is like going into a fairy tale world for me. In fact for me, I donÂt even have to be there to enjoy the great beauty and tranquility that Well Sweep brings. There are times when I have had a very long and difficult day and I just bring up images of Well Sweep and I find it to be calming, quieting, and it brings a smile to my face.

When I think of what Louise and Cy (and more recently David) have created across all these years, it causes me to stand in awe. I have such feelings of respect and admiration for both the hard work and creativity that has gone into making their farm one of the most beautiful that I know. In addition to the beauty of their grounds, I am enthralled by the knowledge that all three of them have about plants as well as how to use those plants to enhance oneÂs life. The workshops that they teach as well as the dinners with famous historical Americans which they have hosted are wonderful from both a practical and cultural point of view.

If the day comes when I retire, one of my dreams is to be able to go and just volunteer my time to work at Well Sweep. I know that a number of their employees have been there for many years and I think about what a blessing it must be for Louise and CyÂs employees to get to work in such an idyllic setting.

I think that feedback for all of us is important. It is always my goal when I give feedback to do so within a context and a framework which is representative of the whole person and the whole situation. If there are struggles, I hope they can be resolved and where there are virtues, IÂd certainly want to be one who proclaims and applauds them in others as I hope others will do for me. I would like to close with thanking you Louise and you Cy and you David for providing me through your hard work, ingenuity and creativity, a place that is beautiful, artistic, and soothes my soul. I have prayed that God would draw you ever closer to him and would bless you in your endeavors.


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Loretta NJ Z6

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