Is my trumpet vine dead???

franJ(5)August 11, 2005

I transplanted my trumpet vine days ago and the next day it looked dead....Could it be dead in only a day? It was 4 yrs old and had flowers blooming on it so I thought it would be safe to move....HELP!

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Nothing to be done now except try to give it some shade if possible & keep soil well watered but not saturated. Deciduous (lose their leaves in winter) plants are very particular about being dug up & moved while in leaf. Next time, you'd be better served to wait until leaves fall before moving a deciduous vine/shrub/tree. Would you want major surgery performed while you were wide awake? ;o)


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username_5(banned for no reason)

More likely it just dropped it's leaves due to the stress of being dug up and moved. I agree with Tapla that there are better times to move it that during the prime growing season (almost nothing likes being moved right now), but trumpet vines are fairly hardy in your climate and I wouldn't count it out until you see what it does next year. Most likely it will recover fine.

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I bet it'll recover.

I once was given a trumpet vine root (rhizome? tuber?) in August.
August here is horrible.
I my own self go dormant.

I planted it, &, as soon as I saw green emerge, I put cardboard shields on the western & southern sides to protect it.

Just put sticks or stakes in the ground, 2 by 2, & slide the cardboard edgeways between each pair.

xes are stakes & -s are cardboard.

x x x x
x x x x

(This is the best I can do for a diagram, I hope you get the idea!)

Today it's a monster.

A plant's *most* vulnerable times is when it's flowering:
it's expending all that energy to attract pollinators & assure the survival of its DNA, & it doesn't have energy to devote to repairing damage to itself.

I've had my best luck moving things in late autumn, when they're dormant.

They'll wake up next spring & not even realize they've been moved.

Trumpet vines really are hardy;
my little orphan is huge & robust now, & I'll bet yours will be, too.

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We have a trellis on our roof covered with a trumpet vine rooted in pots at the base of the trellis. Is it safe to move the trellis and pots over just a few feet if the vine is in full bloom or do we have to wait?? Thanks.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

andrew - If the plant's roots are completely in the pot, it won't hurt it to move the pot and vine as long as the vine isn't broken during the move. Try to keep the plant facing the same direction as now (some get really sulky at facing west instead of south). I hope you have lots of help, because a tumpet vine large enough to grow over the roof is going to be quite, quite heavy. Possibly if you can fit a heavy tarp as support under the vine, and then use your helpers to move the vine/tarp and pot as a single unit, it could be done without major damage to the plant. Personally, I wouldn't try this until the vine was dormant: fewer bees, less weight without greenery, and less chance of upsetting the plant.

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