H. 'Emerald Charger' anyone?

Moccasin(z9aMobileAL)July 2, 2012

I got this in the spring, and it is looking gorgeous now. I wanted to see a mature plant, but the only photo in the Hosta Library is a baby plant in a 4 inch pot I think. Maybe 6 inch pot.

Do YOU have one that is closer to mature? What can I expect? I think I got this from Bob and Nancy Solberg....and I really really like it. Anyway, here is mine as of yesterday. Notice the leaf has a nice "cowlick" twist down near the tip.

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Ludi _PA_7a


That is a Gorgeous hosta !!!!! A sport of Stained Glass. I hope others share thier's as well. ^^

::added to Wishlist::

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Reputable source, wonderful looking Hosta, I really hope all the plus factors work out, thanks for sharing!


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Ohhh, so I might move it between my two Stained Glass....and it may have some fragrance after all. It sure is colored a bit like Avocado and Holy Mole, very striking.

I have it sitting on a short cement pedestal...the better to look at it you know.

Thanks for the information and the nice remarks. :)

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Ludi _PA_7a

Emerald Charger is fragrant per AHS registry.

Seeing your picture inspired me to do more comparing for my wishlist order.


It comes down to these 4:

H. Avocado - sport of Guacamole
H. Holy Mole - sport of Guacamole

H. Cathedral Windows - sport of Stained Glass
H. Emerald Charger - sport of Stained Glass

Avocado and Holy Mole seem to be lighter in both margin and leaf color overall, giving a finer blend between the greens.

Cathedral Windows IMO looks exactly like both Avo and Holy except it seems to have the "brightest" central leaf color. This makes sense to me since the parent is Stained Glass which has a stronger yellow middle with green margin where Guac has more of a greenish-yellow middle with darker green margin.

Emerald Charger also being a sport of Stained Glass shares that more vibrant central leaf color but adds the 'twist' literally in the leaves.

In terms of size Avocado is the smallest . . . followed by Cathedral . . . then Emerald . . . with Holy being the "tallest".

So out of the 4 I narrowed it down to Cathedral and Emerald since I was going for a more focused central leaf color.

Out of these two I simply need to make the decision of do I go with the doom shaped leaves of Cathedral or do I twist it up a bit with Emerald. (still presently deciding).

Although that picture of your Emerald makes me lean more towards it than Cathedral.

Just my 17 cents worth ^^

Thanks again for sharing,

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I appreciate the reasoning you laid out. I must say that the latest arrival here is.....guess what.....Cathedral Windows!
When I ordered it as a substitute for a second hypoleuca, I did not know it was a sibling to Emerald Charger and Stained Glass. I think I forgot the connection of Emerald Charger to the plantaginea family, but I remember deciding to get it from the Solbergs last January (shipped in April).

Of the ones you mention, I have them all--Avocado, Cathedral Windows, Emerald Charger, Guacamole, Holy Mole, and Stained Glass (2 of them). When I like something, I seem to be pretty consistent.

My philosophy is not so well stated as yours. I decided early on to focus on hosta with a better chance of survival in the higher zone numbers, i.e., plantaginea family hosta. Not so much for the fragrance feature as for their durability. This is my first full growing season hands on. We'll see how well I do next spring when they either show up or disappear, are beautiful garden plants or a big disappointment.

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I love all of them. They are all distinct and special in their own way.

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I agree with you. None of those are "plain green"....but then I love shades of green.

Well, heck, if no one is posting a shot of another Emerald Charger, I might as well post all my plantaginea kiddie pictures. Let's start with my youngest: :) Cathedral Windows, arrived last Friday I think it was.

Then Stained Glass (one of two...got the second when I feared #1 was going to croak)

Avocado next to Emerald Charger on June 15


Holy Mole

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