little gem southern dwarf magnolia

sugar_magnolia(z6 Hamilton, NJ)May 2, 2006

anyonw know where i can buy this locally? i've checked a few nurseries w/o luck. thanks for the help!

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hvenkatr(Z6 NJ USA)

Southern Dwarf Magnolias are grown in large volumes by Monrovia. Ostrich Nursery gets Monrovia Plants. There is another nursery in Trenton(unfortunately I don't remember their name) that also carries Monrovia. You can't order directly from Monrovia. But, you could request one of these local nurseries to place an order for you.

Good luck.


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I do not think it is hardy in Zone 6. I planted two of them in Texas. It is a wonderful tree and does not grow as large as the regular one.

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Little gem does well here and in Union County exposed.

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Loretta NJ Z6

Stokes Tropicals has it listed. I never bought from them but they don't have the best rating on Garden Watchdog.
Rare Find Nursery has Kay Paris which he compares to Little Gem.

Mostly I see it rated for zone 7 but some mention of zone 6. Since Monrovia does grow it (and rates it zone 7), maybe you will find it in South Jersey or near the shore.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stokes Tropicals

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hvenkatr(Z6 NJ USA)

I have purchased some plants from Stokes. So far I am quite happy.


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birdgardner(NJ/ 6b)

Deer love it - I lost one and its replacement on subsequent winters, in spite of netting, and gave up. They don't recover well from the attack - maybe the winter pruning or else the corrosive deer spit.

Ambleside on 206 in Hillsborough generally has it, and so does the nursery further north, on the northbound side, with lots of tables and no landscaping, and they are usually cheaper.

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pontesmanny(z6/7 S NJ)

I did not see grandiflora cultivars in North Jersey but they are reasonably common here in South Jersey where they have been relatively unaffected by the past 5 winters.

There are hardier cultivars. Alternately you could plant a mag virginiana cultivar.


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Loretta NJ Z6

Sugar, did you see this post?

Here is a link that might be useful: Person looking for little gem

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sugar_magnolia(z6 Hamilton, NJ)

Thanks everyone! Lots of good sources for the tree and all near my home! I can't wait to get them planted!!!

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Which one is the other nursery you mentioned? You know the name? Thx.

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mprats(z6NJ Plainfield)

I have two magnolia grandiflora on the east side of the house and are pretty exposed but they have survived pretty well. They were planted by the previous owner (a guy from Kentucky) and now stand at 6' tall. So far the deer have not shown any interested in them, preferring instead my roses.
There is a magnolia in Plainfield that is 30' tall and it is a rare sight. I have also seen and old one in a front yard in Piscataway, but the top third does not do well because it is not sheltered by the house.

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Some of the Southern Magnolia do well in zone 6. I just have not seen any Little Gem in mid-NJ. I'd be happy to plant one.

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I think sometimes people plant things based on what they see and don't see in other peoples' yards. Over ten years ago I planted a Magnolia graniflora on the south side of my house in suburban Bergen county (central eastern part). Technically, I believe we are listed as zone 6b but I have a lot of plants from zone 7 (camelia, Acuba, etc.) This is the big-leaved variety (not any super hardy dwarf form). I am familar with only a couple others planted around here but have noticed them being sold more frequently now around here. This tree has grown beautifully. Much better than I ever expected it too. The first two winter I remember were really bad (record cold, record ice etc.). The first couple of years, I would spray it with an antidesicant in the fall. Now, that would be impossible to do even if I wanted to and it has passed through the last several winters without ANY leave damage. I have had to cut back the lower branches of a large white pine that is growing in the vicinity of the magnolia in order to give the magnolia more room. (It is reaching beyond the second story at this point.) I think the significance of microclimates is underestimated. This tree is on the south side of the house and partly protected by adjacent conifers. My only regret is not planting it further away from the house. A lesson to everyone who plants a tree; however far you want to plant that tree, PLANT IT FURTHER AWAY!!

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Plant a Teddy Bear Magnolia. It is smaller than a Little Gem although the literature you see on this usually doesn't say that. But it is true- it only is about 25 feet tall in 20 years!It is slow to bloom- won't for the first 4 years or so but then it will. It never needs pruning so stay away with the shears except to shape it up after about 10 years. The best thing about it is it will stay small for a magnolia. It has a beautiful black green color in the winter. It loves the heat so don't take it any colder than a Zone 6 but it is big in coastal areas and out in Texas/OK. Check out the website I found on it.

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Teddy Bear cultivars of Magnolia are beatiful, and I understand among the hardiest of the grandifloras. Edith Bogue, Victoria, and Little Gem are also hardy to about 6b. Grandiflora is one of my favorite trees. I've been seeing them being sold more frequently in the area (including at HD). I have the following cultivars in my collection:

Edith Bogue
Majestic Beauty
Little Gem
Teddy Bear

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I planted one of these this spring and it is booming now! (Sept. 28th) I am in Newport RI. I'll take it. I came to this post to see what people said about their girth and bloom time....

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