Possible Milkweed problem

farfalla_nj(6)May 8, 2005

Hello all!

I am new to this site. I am a preschool teacher in Paramus NJ who is raising monarch butterflies in my classroom.

I have a possible problem with one of my milkweed plants. Before I offer any of the leaves to the caterpillars I wanted to find out if this problem is detrimental to the "cats"... There are little brown balls resembling seeds all over the plant. What is this? Any insight would be of enormous help. Thank you all


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The only problem I have with milkweed is oleander aphids. A picture might help, or try posting on the Butterfly and/or Pest forum. I have Asclepias plants and seedlings, and no pests yet ;)

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LOL; I see you've already gone to the Butterfly forum. They really know their stuff over there...

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Thank You for your response Tracey!
I posted my question in the butterfly forum first... But I could not resist a forum full of Jersey Girls (and guys presumably lol)
I read in your profile that you are attracting hummers. I am sure you already have these.. but just in case.. Huechera Purple Palace are hummer magnets in my garden. I also find that they love my privet bushes when they are in bloom.
So glad I had a bug problem on my milkweed. This is a wonderful web site.


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Hi Hope! I've been here for years, and it's got to be the only website that I faithfully view daily.
I'm wondering if I have a Purple Palace; aw, what the heck, I can always purchase another ;)
I did see a hummer on Mothers Day, at 7:40pm! I thought it was a leaf blowing around in the wind, until I got a really good look. I haven't seen it since :( Since I saw my first in July last year, when everything was blooming, I'll assume that's when I'll see them again.
I've been working in Paramus now for 2 months. Too many geese!
Hope to see you around alot more!

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Hi Tracey!
I haven't seen any of the little guys yet. They usually buzz my husband while he is sitting on the porch to let him know.. :"We're backkkkkkkkkkkkkkk."
Here is a really cool Hummer link you may be interested in.
Journey North is an awesome internet based project related to seasonal change and migration .My class participates in the Monarch and Symbolic Migration project..but this whole web site is really awesome!You don't have to part of a school group to appreciate it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hummingbird

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My daughter's pre-K class had just gotten some Painted Lady caterpillars. I was hoping they'd have Monarchs, since I would be able to provide them with plenty of pesticide free Asclepias. I've never had a cat yet, but I had finally just expanded my varieties of Asclepias from just tuberosa last year. One of these years I'll get over to Van Saun for their Butterfly Exhibit. I know you work in Paramus (so do I!), but do you live there as well? I haven't met or heard of alot of people in Bergen County that actually have or had hummers. I was surprised when I went to Wild Birds Unlimited, to purchase a feeder, that they didn't even ask...

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We have both painted ladies and Monarchs in our classroom. The Educational supply company I used sent the milkweed plant....but it is really buggy and gummed up with aphids and aphid mummies from that aphid wasp parasite I learned about in the butterfly forum. (It's really wild looking at those under the microscope!) It is good that the plant is pesticide free, but I spent the day washing it down because it seemed very sticky and gummy.
(I wouldn't want it in MY salad.lol! :S.)
My school is in Paramus.. I live in NW NJ. I haven't put out hummer feeders at school because I am off in the summer and do not want to start a feeding program that I can not adhere to. We have seen them in past years, though! My friend lives in Paramus and she says she does get hummers. So think positive!

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