Lilac - No Blooms

Laurie(6)May 12, 2013

I have one lilac (may be Miss Kim, not sure) which my landscaper put into the ground 2 seasons ago. It was a fairly small bush at that time, as there wasn't much available when he was relandscaping my home (it was late in the season).

So, that year, it was past it's bloom time. Last year, I barely got anything on it, perhaps 10 if that.

This year, nothing.

Now here's the caveat. First, I've noticed a lot of things are blooming late this year. For instance, my Mountain Laurels, which I know for sure bloomed the first week of May last year (I have dated photos) still have not, although they are nearly there. Also, the lilac, was replanted a few weeks ago, but there certainly was no evidence of any blooms happening at that time anyway (we repositioned it into a slightly sunnier area, although I know it was getting enough sun to begin with).

It's very healthy looking, has grown since last year but is still pretty small overall. I have not pruned it at all, other than when I cut off the flowers last year.

I'm feeling very disappointed with it, as lilacs are one of my favorites and, I wanted at least one because I remember as a child, that they were always in bloom in time for my birthday. Well, that has come and gone and I just don't know if I'm doing anything wrong, or if the weather this year was a factor, or what?

It's planted in a bed along with roses and hydrangeas, at the back of the bed, near my garage wall. During spring and summer, the sun hits it around late morning and is on it throughout the entire day. It's easily getting 7-8 hours a day or more. During winter, it doesn't receive the sun until early afternoon so it does get much less at that time of year (but then again, so does everything).

Any ideas? Thanks!

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Could you post a picture? I think that it may just be due to its youth - sometimes lilacs don't bloom reliably when they're young - but It may be something else. Sounds like it gets enough sun, so a picture may help to see if there's something else going on.

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Thanks! I'll try and remember to take a photo tomorrow morning. It's already a bit too dark out now.

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