court623May 14, 2010

I have a Hydrangia with green leaves with white borders on it. It has 4 foot stalks but has not really have new leaf growth yet. It has little buds right now on the long stalks and some green leaves filling out on the bottom. Is it dying or a late bloomer? I'll post pics if I can figure out how. Also, I transplanted another today and the leaves are wilting pretty bad. Is that normal? I watered it thoroughly but it was moved from a friends house to mine and was out of the ground for about 3 hours. What do you think?

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Here is a link that might be useful:

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Loretta NJ Z6

For the transplanted one - keep it moist but don't let it sit in water. It is in shock. You may lose the stems but it should regrow from the crown like the one you show in your picture. It probably won't flower this year. That one will take some patience.
As for your hydrangea, its OK. It is growing from the ground first but it looks like many of the sticks are still alive because they have green buds. Just leave them for a little. If the buds die off in the end or you don't see any buds coming at all once the plant has leafed out fully, you can cut the stick back. You can tell the color of a dead hydrangea stick to a live one. It is browner alive, whitish when dead and snaps easily. When you cut a stem, you will see a living green ring under the bark when alive. All of a sudden the good sticks will leaf out fully. Hydrangea is like that. They are sensitive to warm and cold cycles during winter and late spring and sometimes act like an herbaceous plant, dying to the ground, especially when young. Also some cultivars of hydrangeas are hardier than others. As for your variegated plant, don't expect flowers on the stems that are starting from the ground. Last year's stems might give you some. It does look like the terminal buds have died on most, if not all the stems. Do any show a live bud on the end? But it looks like you have some along the side and you can get some flowers from them.

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When posting from Photobucket, put your cursor on the pic you want, then you'll have 4 choices. Pick the third choice,"HTML Code". Copy and past that to your post and your done. Simple, huh?

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