Queens Crown

camonJuly 1, 2006

I live in TX and am trying to locate a plant that my Grandmother used to have at her house. She called it Queens Crown, so I'm wondering if there's another name for this plant as I am having difficulties trying to locate it at a local store.

The plant is a vine that has small green leaves and produces pink blooms, it grows from the ground out of what looks like a crown above ground with many sprouts wrapping high in trees clear to the top. It does not kill trees as it dies out during the winter and leaves dry dead looking vines hanging.

I've tried looking it up on google under Queens Crown but with no luck and was wonding if anyone knew of another name for this plant.



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Might be Queen's Wreath, Antigonun leptopus.

Here is a link that might be useful: Antigonon leptopus

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Yes I think thats it, thanks so much.


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Rainbow Gardens on Thousand Oaks had Queen's Crown a week ago. It comes light pink, dark pink, and white. they had the dark pink

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