what kind of ivy is this?

andrw(z6 NJ)May 18, 2005

ive got it growing all over my yard! help!

what is this thing?!

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Southernwood(z6 NJ)

That's English Ivy, Hedera helix.

Sounds like you want to know how to get rid of it, or at least control it. Sorry, can't help you there!

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I have successfully gotten rid of this ivy by pulling it up, making sure I get the roots. It is very tenacious, and standard chemicals do not work from what I've heard. You do have to keep after it, weeding the pieces you missed the first time. I did my yard in small sections, and it took over a year. I kept one small piece, over the well, to keep the kids out of that corner. Several times a year I maintain the sprouts coming over the fence from the neighbors. I think I've heard that some people are allergic to it, so you may want to keep an eye on that.

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Loretta NJ Z6

I've gotten rid of it too. You might need a pick axe to loosen up the roots. You will get most of it out. Some will grow back. Just keep at it. Its not the hardest thing to get rid of.

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This is the stuff of my (gardening) nightmares. I've spent many hours pulling it out of several completely overgrown beds -- although it's actually been very theraputic, in its own way. I just kept at it, cutting it all back w/loppers, and it's under control for the moment. Last fall as part of cleanup I brushed gasoline on the cut root ends, and that seemed to really help stunt the growth this spring. I'm definitely investing in a pickaxe to get the last stubborn roots.

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JerseyGirl57(z6 NJ)

Just looking at that gives me shivers down the spine. Growing up in Bergen Co. we had it in our yard. My mother made a project one summer of getting rid of it. We kids had to each put in endless hours (at least it seemed that way) pulling the stuff out. I will never, ever have that in my yard, even if nothing else will grow, I would rather have nothin'!

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Loretta NJ Z6

Yes, definitely a pick axe. A good one with good weight will make the work go much easier. I got mine a few years ago at Max is Back on Route 23. I don't like the ones at Home Depot.

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The ivy will come up pretty easily...just be thankful it's not honeysuckle!

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