deer & bearded irises

kitova(z6 NJ)May 18, 2008

hi guys, do any of you have experiences with deer eating bearded irises?

i know they eat the leaves in spring on occasion but can't find enough information about the blooms themselves..

i had a few sat in a shady spot for years where they never bloomed (and so i never cared) but now i have a few flowers i want to know... thanks!

p.s., the scent on some of these blooms is just divine!

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Deer never used to bother my Irises and I've had them for years, but in the last two years the deer have begun chomping on the flowers just when they look their best. They've started eating all kinds of plants they never touched before, like hydrangea bushes and geraniums. I don't know if it's just my weird deer or all deer. I spray Repel after every rain or twice a week and that deters them (so far), but it will ruin your divine scent experience.

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kitova(z6 NJ)

yea, i just discovered the sweet lemony scent of bearded irises. so sugary! well, thanks for the advice, went out and sprayed mine today (altho it just keeps raining...)

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njtea(NJ Z6)

Deer Solution and/or Deer Scram work even better than Repel and without the noxious odor.

Deer Scram is a granular product that works for 6-8 weeks and is made more "potent" by rain - just not a deluge.

Deer Solution smells more of rosemary than of rotten eggs.

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kitova(z6 NJ)

njtea, what is deer scram made of, do you know? the website says it's made from animal byproducts but i'm curious, is it fish? is it unhappy-processed-cow blood?

i sprayed deer solution on the irises. i really love that product but the deer have started eating many more things they didn't eat before (must be an overpopulation). i'm just tired of spraying.. especially with all this new growth and it's been raining constantly so the spray doesn't have time to dry before it rains again.

so i'm up for trying pellets in spring as long as it doesn't smell too bad.. and isn't bad for the environment and washed by rain into our stream out the back ..

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