Need Help identifying this spider/bug!!!

harvastmoonMay 28, 2014

Just happened to look at my squash plant out on the balcony and saw this creature and was wondering if anyone can tell me what it is ? Is it a good or bad bug/ spider?
It looks like a lobster and it seemed to know I was watching it, because when I moved from left to right it moved its body in that direction. In another pic I have it also stretched out its front legs as I came a little closer to it! It really creeped me out!!!

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Another pic

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I'd call it a grass spider (a hunter) or perhaps a funnel web spider (a lurker). It's a looking for bugs to eat. I don't think they can do any damage to anything bigger than themselves.

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I found aphids on this plant and on a few of my pepper plants. Would I be able to assume that he/she would eat those?

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newbirdman(7 b NJ)

its a jumping spider. Leave it , it will kill the bad bugs

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